A light breakfast to keep me going!

Well here’s my first update via twitter and facebook. Two days into my new life. I’ve been really busy down in Finestrat, blustery but beautiful at our lovely La Casa de la Campana, comandeering carpinters, glaziers, plumbers and painters…everyone busy getting our new Alicante property ready for our first guests on April 1st. The traditional tiling and woodwork in this 1890’s house are lovely, our designer baths and wood burning open fires are all in place. Along with modern comforts such as air conditioning, wifi and new plumbing. Now I must work magic and make this as comfortable and stylish as our other Rustic Escapes. A job I take really seriously and have spent the rest of yesterday sourcing beautiful, local cane furniture and grass baskets along with lovely garden furniture and a boat for our Ibiza property. don’t ask! I’m crazy. I asked one of our local expert farmers to help drag all my goodies back, naturally, after a typical light Spanish breakfast down by Finestrat beach. The sands were deserted but inviting. it’s beautiful here! Then back into school this morning. A busy yet happy start to my new life.

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