All´s fine after the rains

Here in Valencia , every September, we can expect a day of rain, as the cold air flows down from the north, rolling over the hot land, resulting in a morning of clashing thunder and lightening, accompanied by a downpouring of rain, which usually lasts for a morning, or at most a day. It is a refreshing and generally welcome event; I love watching the rain , from the terrace in Partida de la Mar, cleansing the atmosphere and signifying the end of another hot summer.

This year, however, this annual downpour, known as the ´Gota Fría´was a very different affair. Lasting for five days, the Valencian province, and indeed large parts of Spain, have suffered flooding as rivers have over flowed and the rain has poured down continually, bringing with it strong wind , thunder and lightening. I was thankful we had no guests here, even though the alqueria remained dry and cosy indoors; they certainly could not have enjoyed lazy days bicycling around the huerta!

You will be relieved to know that we have survived and that Partida de la Mar has come through the storm unscathed, except perhaps for the tomatoes, which received a battering. The rest of the garden looks fresh and healthy and the freshwater pool is brimming with the newly fallen rain. Ready for our guests arriving this week.

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