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Rustic Escapes for dogs!

Your dog will love Monk House, our new Rustic Escape! I have spent two weeks this month preparing our new Rustic Escape, Monk House, in the beautiful rural town of Petworth, West Sussex, and was joined by my sister and her dog, Finlay. The house is ideal for dogs as it has a beautiful walled garden and a 50 metre lawn which runs all the way down to the lovely Shimmings´valley. To my delight, when it was time for ´walkies´we [...]

Look what we found!

I promise you…I have never found such a strange and portentous artefact! I have been busy, the last two weeks; restoring and re-designing our most recent Rustic Escape, in Moraira. It is a magnificent example of a farmstead, typical of those found throughout the province of Alicante.  It is made of local stone and is a lovely solid house, set in the rolling countryside near the lovely seaside town of Moraira, a five-minute walk from Teulada, yet ´deep´in the countryside, [...]

Spain is full of contrasts. I love it!

The rain in Spain is lovely! It never rains in Spain. It pours!. It´s either beautifully sunny, with iridescent blue skies and bright, warm light or dark and windy with torrential rain. Never in between. I love it! None of that grey, drizzly nothingness you get for days on end in other places. It makes its mind up. It´s decisive. A day of pouring rain, the roads rivers; then you wake to bright sunshine and fresh blue skies. Perfect. Here, in [...]

Rustic Escapes brings Can Toni Pera back to life!

Rustic Escapes brings Can Toni Pera back to life! We´ve started planting! At last! Having waited for five long years for the well to be dug and the water to be found,deep, deep down under the Ibizencan soil, we have finally started to plant our crops and bring our lovely Can Toni Pera back to life! You can´t believe how satisfying it is to see the 200 baby olive trees soaking up the sunshine, in their new home; in the [...]

the Grand Rustic Escapes Spring Clean!

I love cleaning! The Grand Spring Clean in Rustic Escapes Every year, at about this time all the local representatives (and most of my family!) join in to help do a Grand Spring Clean all of the Rustic Escapes´properties in Spain and England; making sure they are tip top and ready for our guests this year. I love cleaning. I don´t have a cleaner in my own home and am always ready to roll up my sleeves  and clean other [...]

Join us in creating the perfect Rustic Escape!

Busy finding our next Rustic Escape. Watch this space! How busy I´ve been these last two weeks; travelling up and down the Costa Blanca looking for beautiful rural locations near the sea where we can create our next Rustic Escape. I´ve struggled up a number of very bumpy lanes, emerged through thickets deep in the countryside and wandered through quiet and peaceful rural villages in search of  distinctive rural properties for our guests to enjoy. Rustic Escapes. Comfort and style in [...]

Daffodils in January in our Rustic Escape in Valencia

Look at those beautiful daffodils! January in Partida de la Mar Valencia Aren´t they lovely? Personally I never pick flowers, preferring to enjoy them in the lovely gardens we have in all our Rustic Escapes properties; these were picked for me and were a lovely surprise. Can you believe it is January and they are already in flower? Beautiful yellow beacons of hope and good luck for the coming year. Here they sit lit by my lamp and illuminating the [...]

Rustic Escapes in Ibiza; restoring our finca Can Toni Pera in the January sun!

Can it really be January? … It´s so beautiful here in Ibiza! Oh my gosh. I always get emotional when I step out onto the terrace in Ibiza, and see that beautiful blue sea and the blue, blue sky. It never ceases to amaze and delight me! It is just so beautiful. I often burst into tears when viewing the countryside of this island that is so dear to my heart. I just get overwhelmed with the beauty of it [...]

From farm to fork! Ready and raring to…grow!

No rest for the wicket I said I was retiring not resting! Sitting quietly in the sun is not for me. No sooner was I out of the classroom, my passion for the farm to fork movement took over and  I was in the fields, starting the all important preparation of the soil, ready for planting this spring. In our lovely two hundred year old farm in Sant Josep in Ibiza we have waited for this moment for over five [...]

Too many harvests missed!

Trepidation. Panic. I´m retired! Finally. I can`t believe it! After 35 years at the chalk face, following a brief spell in Fleet Street (the first ´girl´in London´s then renowned Press Association) more of which another time; I have finally left school behind. It has been very difficult, immeasurably so, an unimaginable wrench, leaving what was literally my home for all those years. Literally thousands of children ´sown´, ´nurtured´and ´harvested´; days and nights of toil, laughter and tears and the [...]

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