Can you find a place where you can really relax?

Would you say your life is stressful? Many of us have too many phone call and daily emails to deal with, numerous meetings, tailbacks on the motorway and countless events in our daily lives causing us anxiety and increasing our blood pressure.Does this sound like your life? Our body and mind are crying out for rest. Rest from rushing around and just doing too much.

Somebody once told me that one should do something completely different in order to break away from the daily stresses of life. As they say a change is as good as a rest! We should sometimes take a few days to do something new, something completely outside our norm.

Artisanal crafts and traditional agricultural skills have been shown by neuroscientists to relax the mind and have a calming, positive effect on the brain, directly impacting on our sense of wellbeing. Exercise, creative work and time spent away from screens are good for the mind. If we can also do this in the peace and quiet of the countryside, even better!

Why not spend a few days at our country village Rustic Escape – Spring Cottage, in Amberley, Sussex. Enjoy bird song and the tranquility of the Amberley Wildbrooks in the heart of the South Downs National Park. A place where you can let time drift by or immerse yourself in any variety of country pursuits. Let us take care of the details while you relax.

Visit us at Spring Cottage, Amberley.a country village Rustic Escape.

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