Look what we found!

I promise you…I have never found such a strange and portentous artefact! I have been busy, the last two weeks; restoring and re-designing our most recent Rustic Escape, in Moraira. It is a magnificent example of a farmstead, typical of those found throughout the province of Alicante.  It is made of local stone and is a lovely solid house, set in the rolling countryside near the lovely seaside town of Moraira, a five-minute walk from Teulada, yet ´deep´in the countryside, [...]

Rustic Escapes brings Can Toni Pera back to life!

Rustic Escapes brings Can Toni Pera back to life! We´ve started planting! At last! Having waited for five long years for the well to be dug and the water to be found,deep, deep down under the Ibizencan soil, we have finally started to plant our crops and bring our lovely Can Toni Pera back to life! You can´t believe how satisfying it is to see the 200 baby olive trees soaking up the sunshine, in their new home; in the [...]