Sundays in Valencia

On Sundays I am sole charge of the school zoo. Its lovely out there amongst the animals;enjoying the peace and quiet of their weekend. We have all manner of rodents, two tortoises, chickens and birds, fish and ten goats. They all munch happily on the spring greens I have brought them from our huerta in Partida de la Mar, Almassera and then I head back to find that the buds on the orange tree have come into full bloom. [...]

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Spring is sprung!

The almond trees have lost their white clouds and are now lush and green and the orange trees are full of little white buds. Local farmers are worried that a late frost will wipe out this year´s crop. Spring has come early. I took the dogs off around the Valencian huerta and loved seeing the fields full of our spring produce: cabbages, lettuces, cauliflowers, artichokes and onions; ready to be picked and shipped all over Europe. And the charm [...]

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A light breakfast to keep me going!

Well here’s my first update via twitter and facebook. Two days into my new life. I’ve been really busy down in Finestrat, blustery but beautiful at our lovely La Casa de la Campana, comandeering carpinters, glaziers, plumbers and painters…everyone busy getting our new Alicante property ready for our first guests on April 1st. The traditional tiling and woodwork in this 1890’s house are lovely, our designer baths and wood burning open fires are all in place. Along with modern [...]

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Share my project with me

Today we get ‘out there’! You can join us! I must confess to feeling slight trepidation. Monday, March 2nd I go live! Here’s what’s been going on. In September of last year I became a part time founder,owner and Senior manager of my school so that I could fulfill my ambition to develop Rustic Escapes. We find and restore interesting historic properties in distinctive rural locations, in or near small villages yet well communicated ,by public transport to a [...]

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Only the best for us in Rustic Escapes!

As everyone knows, all Rustic Escape properties boast either designer or roll top baths. The lead image is our gorgeous Catchpole & Rye bath, which looks beautiful against the ancient stonework of our typical Valencian farmstead, Partida de la Mar. Guests can rely on enjoying a soak in the bath.  Below is a photo taken from one of the baths in our mountain village house, La Casa de la Campana, ready for guests on April 1st. There’s another on [...]

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Scouting for new Rustic Escapes

I´ve been out scouting for more Rustic Escapes this weekend. I toured the province of Teruel. Look at me loving a beautiful run down village house in La Fresneda. It was full of old beams and beautiful stonework. I really wanted to get it for us; so that Team Rustic (representatives, contributors, investors and guests) could all enjoy restoring it back to its former glory. However I´m afraid it´s too far from an airport; All Rustic Escape properties must [...]

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Valentine´s day is just around the corner!

I sent this photograpgh to two of our contributors to pop onto instagram to remind everyone to book Valentine´s night in one of our Rustic Escape properties. I thought it was lovely; and of course, depicted Rustic Escape´s love of nature, interest in wildlife and especially birds etc etc. It was rejected! Not in focus! I thought it was lovely: Two love birds enjoying the sun and the sea…They didnt get it!  It´s my fault ; I´m an incurable [...]

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I can´t believe its February

It´s beautiful weather here in Valencia! Yesterday evening, at 10 pm it was 25º. We wandered around the city centre and I had to take my cardigan off , it was so warm! This is what is so lovely about this area of Spain; during the winter you rarely need a coat. And the contrasts are so lovely here in Almassera. We watched the sun go down over the huerta; it is so tranquil at Partida de la Mar. [...]

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It´s going to be fabulous!

I´ve been in ibiza this week. Look how beautiful our farm or finca is going to be! The almond trees are already blossoming and we have finished the outhouses or corrales, which are going to house our guests, as they relax and immerse themselves in the Ibicencan countryside. We are planting over 400 almond and olive trees on the hillside behind the finca and a further 400 in the fields below. The hillside is going to be snowy white [...]

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We welcome our first guests of the year to Partida de la Mar

It is so beautiful! Here I am, in Partida de la Mar, Almassera, Valencia, this January evening; preparing the house for our first guests of the year. Our local Representative, Silvia is collecting them from the airport as we speak. And it´s so beautiful! We have lit the fire in the sitting area and picked from the kitchen garden some fresh greens and salad for their tea and I cannot stop photographing the sunset, in an attempt to capture [...]

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