A week in the life of a busy Rustic Escapes´Concierge

I love this job! What a busy week I have had. I started by accompanying our  Spanish local expert concierge, Eduardo , as he taught Susan to make her own paella on the terrace of our Rustic Escape, Partida de la Mar in Almassera, Valencia. The next day saw me jetting off to Spring Cottage in Amberley, West Sussex, where I concierged our first ´I love Antiques´Escape. We visited all sorts of local antique and vintage shops along with [...]

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Enjoying the rice harvest in Valencia with Rustic Escapes

Rustic Escapes`guests joined our expert local concierge, Eduardo, for a trip to see the rice being harvested around the Albufera lagoon, 10 minutes from our alquería, Partida de la Mar in Almassera. It was fascinating. Tractors came and went, piling high the enormous mountains of rice while our guests were invited to join farmers as they inspected their crops. The ´Senia´, ´Bomba´and `Albufera´rices are all harvested locally and the guests were invited to walk amongst the rice mountains and [...]

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All´s fine after the rains

Here in Valencia , every September, we can expect a day of rain, as the cold air flows down from the north, rolling over the hot land, resulting in a morning of clashing thunder and lightening, accompanied by a downpouring of rain, which usually lasts for a morning, or at most a day. It is a refreshing and generally welcome event; I love watching the rain , from the terrace in Partida de la Mar, cleansing the atmosphere and [...]

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