I can´t believe its February

It´s beautiful weather here in Valencia! Yesterday evening, at 10 pm it was 25º. We wandered around the city centre and I had to take my cardigan off , it was so warm! This is what is so lovely about this area of Spain; during the winter you rarely need a coat. And the contrasts are so lovely here in Almassera. We watched the sun go down over the huerta; it is so tranquil at Partida de la Mar. You´re only 15 minutes from the centre of the city but it feels as if you are in the middle of nowhere! Then we caught the tram into Valencia and Pam enjoyed a wander around the old quarter, looking at all the shops, while I bought some ceramic pieces for Can Toni Pera in Ibiza; I want guests to enjoy special , handmade artefacts in all of the rooms; then we sat and had a cocktail by the Santa Catalina tower and watched the world go by. The Spanish love a ´paseo´in the evening and we enjoyed a stroll around the city before getting the tram home again to our lovely peaceful terrace, where, as I say, the thrmometre marked 25º… at 10 pm. Come on! Amazing! I can´t believe it´s February.

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