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I’m back! September. As promised. I always keep my promises. Hence the old, old photograph, from 35 years ago; depicting the very first day in my school, my dear Cambridge House Community College. You can see me, the young, terribly naive Headteacher, having a welcome cup of tea: while my first ten students settled in, around me, in our little school. I was the only teacher! I now have over 168 of them!  All those years ago I promised those first ten sets of brave (foolhardy!) parents to prepare their children for life, a good university start and a happy future. Well, I may sound big headed but I did just that and now have helped 35 groups of lovely youngsters to achieve their dreams and get a good start in life.  That, at least should make me happy. Truth is i´m still too stressed to really enjoy the success of our school. Hence Rustic Escapes!  My lovely (still young!) team have taken the reins at school leaving me free to trot off to the countryside. To my new project. I´m still, of course, forever the teacher. Teachers are born not raised! I am still at school, however I now want to teach people about nature and farming. How lucky we are in Valencia to have such amazing weather and our fertile ´huerta´. And in Ibiza the same. The red, red soil and the ancient olive trees never fail to relax me when I visit. This year I am going to set a goal to introduce you all to the marvels of our agricultural heritage here in Spain. That´s my promise. A huge task. Especially as I still neither know how to upload my own videos nor ´save´a post!   Well. Here goes!  I did it with my school all those years ago. I expect I can manage to grasp this! Now school’s under way they’ve promised to help me. Watch this space.

¡He vuelto! Siempre cumplo mis promesas. Por eso la vieja fotografía. Soy yo, hace 35 años; la jóven e ingenua Directora de mi querido Cambridge House Community College; tomando mi primer taza de té, rodeada de mis primeros 10 niños. Era la única profesora. ¡Pues ahora somos 168! Hice promesa a esos 10 parejas de padres en ayudar a sus hijos a lograr ir a una buena facultad y a lograr una vida exitosa y feliz. No quiero parecer orgullosa pero me complace decir que lo conseguí. Ahora cuento con 35 grupos de alumnos quienes han salido felices al mundo. Tendría que sentir me feliz pero debo decir que aún me encuentro demasiada estresada para poder disfrutar de ese exito. Por eso Rustic Escapes. Mi maravilloso (y joven) equipo de profesores han tomado las riendas del cole, permitiéndome salir cabalgando por los campos. Aún soy profesora. Las profesoras se nacen no se hacen y sigo en el colegio pero ahora quiero enseñaros sobre la agricultura.   Qué afortunados somos, aqui en Valencia con nuestra ´huerta´, y en Ibiza siempre me tranquilizan los suelos rojos, rojos y esos olivos centenarios. Este año voy a darme el reto de enseñaros sobre la agricultura aqui en España. Eso es mi promesa. Será un reto duro, dado que aún ni sé subir un video ni hacer mi propio ´post´pero a por ello. Ya que el cole está en marcha me van a ayudar. Ya lo veréis.

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    If I can do it you can! It’s easy. Get in touch at info@rusticescapes.com and we can help you. Why not come along to one of our escapes and start your blog with us!

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  • turkce

    Inspiring story there. What happened after? Thanks! Blake Josh Komarek

    15 February, 2021 at 7:35 pm
  • turkce

    Hi, just wanted to say, I liked this article. It was funny. Elicia Chaddy Gee

    15 February, 2021 at 9:42 am
  • joanna travers

    Tracy you are one of the most amazing people ive met ¡¡¡¡¡

    7 November, 2020 at 8:19 pm

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