It’s Autumn – let’s go mushroom-hunting!

In much of Europe, it is often a tradition to set off with family and friends and a large basket to hunt for mushrooms in the autumn. Once the heat of summer has passed and before winter arrives, the  damp conditions of autumn encourage these wonderful fungi to make an appearance.

There is a huge variety and it is often tempting to collect and cook them yourself. But of course you must be very careful and be guided by an expert as many types of fungi are poisonous and it is easy to confuse what is safe and what is not.
The best areas to find them are often in leafy and shady forests and walking and spending time outside surrounded by nature is an ideal way to relax and slow down. Mushrooms vary from region to region so this can be the ideal excuse to visit somewhere new.

Rustic Escapes has organised a unique experience this October in Ashdown Forest (which is known for being the forest that inspired the stories of Winnie-the-Pooh).  The Fungi Forage day teaches you how to identify and gather mushrooms followed by cooking up a variety of taster dishes using the fungal finds.  You will explore mixed woodland accompanied by a mycologist (a fungi specialist) and an expert truffle hunter dog who will demonstrate her unique skills in looking for fungi and truffles.

You will also learn how to prepare game birds for the pot (perhaps pheasant, duck or partridge) on open fires or Dutch ovens in the mobile woodland kitchen.
This is a unique day in nature (but not an experience for vegetarians!).

You will stay in Amberley, our country cottage in West Sussex and be taken to and collected from Ashdown Forest. Contact Rustic Escapes for more information

or (+34) 664 07 40 89 | (+44) 7598 348195

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