Don´t think you can just pick an olive off the tree and eat it. They´re terrible! Really bitter and hard.  This week a lovely farmer showed me how to prepare the olives from my tree.

This is the recipe for Aceitunas Partidas, olives that are quite bitter but really tasty, to my mind. For the sweeter version you need to add caustic soda. However please await my recipe ,as this substance is highly poisonous:  For now Aceitunas Partidas or Crushed Olives

As the name suggests simply crush them and bash them about a little, once picked.

Place them in a ceramic bowl and cover them with water. We used bottled , mineral water but tap water will do.

Add Thymus Piperella , a form of wild thyme indigenous to the Valencia and Alicante area, with a taste of both oregano and thyme and a touch of spice.  If you´re trying this procedure outside Spain I suggest you use both oregano and thyme with more of the latter than the former.

Add garlic and salt (for the amount of olives seen in the picture we only added 4 cloves and the salt as seen measured in the glass)

Cover and leave for a couple of days. As time goes by the olives get less and less bitter, but are delicious.

I am making progress as a farmer! Next stop getting myself a stall in the market!

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