My first attempt at being a farmer!

I´m so proud of my first harvest!. You can´t believe the excitement I felt when, arriving on a glorious summer morning at our Rustic Escapes´alquería, Partida de la Mar, in Almassera I saw an enormous courgette sticking out from the undergrowth!

Now the vegetables won´t stop coming. Our guests last week had fresh tomatoes, courgettes,aubergines, red and green peppers, spicy ´padrón´peppers, picked from their garden and straight onto the bar-b-que. They had all that lovely basil and rosemary Il´d planted to sprinkle on top too. I was so excited when they arrived to the sight of my garden literally groaning with fresh produce. I´m a farmer! A real Rustic Escapes´Farmer. I´m so pleased.

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