News from Amberley

I´m sharing these heartwarming photos with you from Amberley, the beautiful Sussex village where our Rustic Escape, Spring Cottage is nestled in the Southdowns, overlooking the Wildbrooks nature reserve. Steve, one of our Local Representatives, sent me a couple of photos taken this winter; one of a robin redbreast and the bare winter trees at the back of the garden, along with one he took of the same garden last summer when we had just mown our meadow under the apple trees at Spring Cottage. He´s also spotted some early daffodils which are beginning to spring up all over the place. Daffodils are one of natures´wonders and something you must see. Our specialist horticulturist can take our Rustic Escapes guests to visit Polegate, High Beeches gardens and for a drive down beautiful Sussex lanes and through the countryside to see the daffodils and then the bluebells, throughout March and April. Seeing Robin redbreast and the daffodils always gives me a burst of happiness and hope for Spring and happy times ahead. Nature´s constant change and renewal and its beautiful colours never cease to delight.

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