Only the best for us in Rustic Escapes!

As everyone knows, all Rustic Escape properties boast either designer or roll top baths. The lead image is our gorgeous Catchpole & Rye bath, which looks beautiful against the ancient stonework of our typical Valencian farmstead, Partida de la Mar. Guests can rely on enjoying a soak in the bath.  Below is a photo taken from one of the baths in our mountain village house, La Casa de la Campana, ready for guests on April 1st. There’s another on the roof for star gazing! Another experience guests can enjoy in our distinctive rural locations. It’s going to be lovely. We’re nearly ready in Finestrat, Alicante. The men carried the baths up the cobbled streets in the old town and finally, yesterday they were installed. Im exhausted but happy as the style and comfort we offer are really important to me. In Ibiza too, as we speak, our faithful retainer, Paco, is chiselling away at the two hundred year old doors of our finca, Can Toni Pera, to get the blessed designer baths in! And in Sussex, Steve did marvels in our beautiful Spring Cottage, to make sure what I call the French room has a sweet little roll top in the corner. Mmmmm, warm and cosy! To my mind you can keep your showers; that said wait till you see our impressive Catchpole & Rye ‘La Cage’ shower in Almassera!; all our rooms have showers too, of course, but with Rustic Escapes you can relax and enjoy a bath, even in a five hundred year old finca. Rural life in style and Comfort. That’s us!

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