Rustic Escapes brings Can Toni Pera back to life!

Rustic Escapes brings Can Toni Pera back to life!

We´ve started planting! At last! Having waited for five long years for the well to be dug and the water to be found,deep, deep down under the Ibizencan soil, we have finally started to plant our crops and bring our lovely Can Toni Pera back to life! You can´t believe how satisfying it is to see the 200 baby olive trees soaking up the sunshine, in their new home; in the fields of our beautiful two hundred year old finca, Can Toni Pera. Since 1872 the farm had been providing olive oil, almonds and food for Pepe´s family. Then, in the sixties, Pepe and his brothers and sister preferred working down at the beach, running restaurants and bars for the tourists and poor Can Toni Pera was left forlorn; the donkey no longer harnessed to the olive press, the finca abandoned. When we arrived we found fields full of sad looking almond and olive trees (one of them eight hundred years old!)  gasping for water… several trees hanging on to life, most of them perishing in the heat of  fifty years of hot , hot summers and no-one to care for them. And now Rustic Escapes is bringing the farm back to life! We shall be planting 400 trees this month; olives, almonds, orange and lemon and fruit trees; followed by herbs and fresh greens later in the year. Can Toni Pera will once again be the proud olive farm it once was; proving that Ibiza has so much more than beaches and hotels to offer us. This to me is the real Ibiza : fields full of almond and olive trees, the smell of rosemary and thyme.Mmmm!

Planting Olives at Can Toni Pera

Rustic Escapes. Enjoy the natural and agricultural landscapes of Ibiza, Valencia, Alicante and Sussex


Once we´ve got the farm underway we´ll be happy to invite guests to share our lovely Can Toni Pera with us, here in the beautiful town of Sant Josep, Ibiza



¡Rustic Escapes vuelve a la vida a Can Toni Pera!

¡Estamos plantando!¡Por fin! Después de cinco años de larga espera, para obtener la licencia para buscar agua; bajo, bajo las tierras Ibicncas ya hemos podido plantar los primeros cultivos. No puedes imaginar lo satisfactorio que es para mí ver a 200 olivos (bebés) saboreando del sol en los campos de Can Toni Pera. Plantaremos 400 árboles este mes: olivos, almendros, naranjos, limoneros y árboles frutales y luego hierbas y hortalizas más adelante. Devolviendo a la vida a esta histórica finca, nuestra querida Can Toni Pera. Desde 1872 Can Toni Pera cultivaba olivos, almendos y alimentos para la familia de Pepe. Luego, en los años sesesnta Pepe y sus hermanos preferían trabajar en los restaurantes y hoteles de la playa, dejando abandonada a la finca. El burro ya no estaba enganchado al molino de aceite, nadie podaba a los árboles. Nosotros encontramos a una finca moribunda, almendros y olivos tristes (¡ Uno de ellos de 0chocientos años de edad!) jadeando para agua y cariño…la mayoría muertos después de cincuenta años de abandono. ¡Y ahora la estamos reviviendo! Devolviendo la finca a la vida y a la producción. Esta es la Ibiza que quiero y recuerdo yo desde mi infancia… olivos, almendros y el olor de romero y tomillo. Mmmmm

Los Rustic Escapes. Disfrutando de la naturaleza y de la agricultura tradicional



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