Quarantine in a Rustic Escape

I haven´t blogged in over a week. The reason has been twofold.  Firstly It´s been so terrible for me to have to share the distress of all my Valencian compatriots at seeing our Fallas festival cancelled, our schools closed and our lives thrown into havoc by being placed in quarantine for what will be an interminable two or three weeks. Secondly I have a horrible sense of guilt at my fortune to be able to spend my quarantine in Ibiza, at the Rustic Escapes finca I am developing. I have been working hard, preparing our farm for next year. We are still waiting for water and so therefore can´t plant until next Spring, but I am spending my quarentine labouring in the fields. I only hope the images of the age old fincas, eight hundred year old olive trees, lovely red Ibizencan soil, cheeky chickens, suckling lambs and grazing donkeys enable you to feel the same peace and tranquility and hope for us that I feel, as part of nature. When I see these familiar and dear sights; sights that take me back to my childhood here in Ibiza; I am reminded that life goes on and that it has its cycles; better times will come. Have hope. Be sure.

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