Scouting for new Rustic Escapes

I´ve been out scouting for more Rustic Escapes this weekend. I toured the province of Teruel. Look at me loving a beautiful run down village house in La Fresneda. It was full of old beams and beautiful stonework. I really wanted to get it for us; so that Team Rustic (representatives, contributors, investors and guests) could all enjoy restoring it back to its former glory. However I´m afraid it´s too far from an airport; All Rustic Escape properties must be close to an airport and well communicated by public transport to a larger town. We follow strict criteria when choosing locations so that guests can rely on us to offer them a fabulous time. If you have a property you feel may suit us get in touch. One of our team will come and visit you, at no cost to yourself and see if you would like to join us.

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