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Today we get ‘out there’! You can join us! I must confess to feeling slight trepidation. Monday, March 2nd I go live! Here’s what’s been going on. In September of last year I became a part time founder,owner and Senior manager of my school so that I could fulfill my ambition to develop Rustic Escapes. We find and restore interesting historic properties in distinctive rural locations, in or near small villages yet well communicated ,by public transport to a larger town and an airport, so that guests enjoy the peace and tranquility of a Rustic Escape, letting us take care of the details and share with them their beautiful surroundings and the local natural and cultural heritage. I began to take time off work at school to develop my first properties and , to date, I have four to offer my guests. We share with guests our love of nature and three out of four have beautiful flower or kitchen gardens. Our guests enjoy fresh local produce either delivered to their door or picked from their own garden. I spend a grest deal of time with my hands digging around in the soil, caring for our tomatoes and courgettes,  artichokes and green beans. I am loving it!  Another important aspect of Rustic Escapes is our interest in the agricultural process and in food production. We are able to offer our guests expert local concierges who share with them their knowledge about traditional farming and food production. We have a number of local experts and concierges who now work with us, both in Sussex and Valencia. In my school I have always excelled at team building and always wanted Rustic escapes to become a joint project, encouraging others to join us, either as guests, local experts , concierges, fellow property owners or contributors. Team Rustic is growing day by day! But, till now it’s been ‘ private’. People I know, by word of mouth, simply sharing with friends. Now they want me to go public! Hence the trepidation! I have NEVER used Facebook nor twitter and , when I was Head of my school somebody else wrote my emails. I only write this blog on a template set up by my son! Now, from Monday i’ll be live! They’re right. I have to ‘get out there’, share our ideas and our project with others. Invite you all to join us…to contribute… with ideas, shared experience and here’s hoping Rustic Escapes for all! Here goes!

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