Spring is sprung!

The almond trees have lost their white clouds and are now lush and green and the orange trees are full of little white buds. Local farmers are worried that a late frost will wipe out this year´s crop. Spring has come early. I took the dogs off around the Valencian huerta and loved seeing the fields full of our spring produce: cabbages, lettuces, cauliflowers, artichokes and onions; ready to be picked and shipped all over Europe. And the charm of our huerta was seeing the men with big plastic cones, strapped to their backs as they picked only the best artichokes; and three horses, clopping steadily across the fields, having spent a laborious yet productive day preparing the fields for potatoes. Can you tell a potato field from a distance? Have a look at my photos and you´lll see one. The huerta never ceases to fascinate me; it is always different, always on the move. Nature harnessed. Alive. Let´s keep it that way! We must support our local farmers.

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