The oranges are ready!

I enjoyed a fabulous drive through the sunny countryside yesterday, when I went to visit our Local Expert farmer´s orange trees in Rincón del Toro, to the south of the city. The orange trees of Valencia are now full of bright, golden orbs; juicy succulent oranges!  Our farmer has actually sold all of his crop already; they pick them while they are green, before they ripen; ready to ship up north to provide a burst of Valencian sunshine to all of you in the UK and Sweden, Germany and Denmark! I love scouring the supermarkets when I visit Britain, to find out where the fruit and vegetables all come from. Most of the onions and tomatoes consumed in the UK come from round our farmstead in Almassera, Valencia.

The sun shines all year round in Valencia; we visited his horses and then had a cool glass of sangría on the beach and strolled along the beautiful sands. What a lovely weekend!

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