The veg still keeps coming!

The veg still keeps coming!  We had guests at Partida de la Mar in Almassera early this week. I was thrilled  they were able to ´pick their own´in the kitchen garden and enjoy a supper made entirely from our Rustic Escapes  ´huerta´;  baked aubergines, with tomato and basil stuffing; spring greens with little onions and chilli peppers, sauteed gently with lovely local olive oil and roasted red and green peppers, simply placed in the Aga, no oil, just cooked in their own, delicious juices.  Rather than us cooking for them (our paella workshop has become really popular) they cooked for us!  Lovely.  I felt very proud about my first efforts as a farmer, albeit so far a ´mini´ farmer, with my tiny little veggy patch. It never ceases to amaze me how bountiful a little cottage garden can prove. So satisfying.

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