We welcome our first guests of the year to Partida de la Mar

It is so beautiful! Here I am, in Partida de la Mar, Almassera, Valencia, this January evening; preparing the house for our first guests of the year. Our local Representative, Silvia is collecting them from the airport as we speak. And it´s so beautiful! We have lit the fire in the sitting area and picked from the kitchen garden some fresh greens and salad for their tea and I cannot stop photographing the sunset, in an attempt to capture the magic of this moment. The farmstead is enchanting in the early evening; the peace and quiet of the fields around can be ´heard´: silence. Magical! The huerta and terrace take on a golden glow under the light in the lane that passes behind the house and the silhouette of the trees against the evening sky transport you to days gone by; an inner peace. Tranquil.  I´m going to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine in front of the fire while I wait for my guests. What a lovely place! They´re going to love it!

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