Will life crown you as a king or leave you with a broad bean?

The Spanish have an old tradition whereby each guest, during the ´Three Kings´´festivities, celebrated on January 6th, enjoys a portion of a sweet, creamy pastry, called the ´Roscón de Reyes´. As you bite into your portion you are wary of what you will find. Will it be a miniature king or a broad bean? If you receive the king you can be sure of a successful year ahead; as king of kings. Life will treat you well. However , if you are unlucky enough to bite into the hard, dried up husk of the broad bean…well, the metaphor says it all! Your first duty is to pay for the Three Kings feast.  A fun way to end the christmas period; a lovely tradition and one that our guests to Partida de la Mar, Valencia, can enjoy when they visit over the christmas period. Yesterday was the Three Kings festivities and we all felt blessed under the beautiful bright blue skies here in Almassera. All of us, except the one with the bean stuck in his teeth!

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